See Sound Live

Deaf can speak !!

Innovation is here...

See Sound Live is a smart phone app that enables a deaf child or adult develop speech in addition to sign language. 



See Sound Live is an innovative technology that helps a deaf person enrich sign language with spoken English (and all other supported languages).

At present, a deaf person can communicate easily with other deaf people using sign language. But when it comes to talking to hearing people, who do not understand sign language, he can only do so with a sign language translator. The other option is a limited set of gestures and signs that are universally understood. Using See Sound Live, a deaf person can learn to speak. He starts with speaking simple sounds like aa, ee, oo and then moves onto bigger words. Depending on how much he practices on See Sound Live, the deaf person can build up a vocabulary of spoken sounds and words like Mama, Papa, Hey, Hi, Bye and many more in a matter of weeks.  

So how does this happen? When a deaf person tries to speak any sound, he gives up since he doe not get any feedback of what he said since he cannot hear himself. When the deaf person speaks into See Sound Live, he sees a pattern of colors that represent what he said. These patterns stay the same if he repeats the same sound and change if he speaks a different sound. See Sound Live also shows him how the patterns should be if he speaks the sounds clearly. 

What is really happening, is that the deaf person is using his brains visual processing skills to evaluate his own speech outcome. His eyes are serving as his ears. He is now able to hear with his eyes or see sound. Our research has demonstrated that a deaf person can learn to speak using his sense of vision with See Sound Live, much in the same was as a blind person can learn to read using his sense of touch with Braille.

If you like this innovation, why don't you try See Sound Live and find out for yourself. Visit the Download page. ( ) for more details.